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Are you looking for a CPA that can assist you with your accounting or taxes, with a focus on saving you time and money?

My mission is to provide affordable, high quality tax and accounting services to individuals and small business owners with a focus on customer service and convenience!

Individuals, Investors, Independent Contractors and Rental Property Owners

Each individual has a unique tax situation. Whether you are raising kids, paying for their college, saving for retirement, or entering retirement, there are a distinct set of tax rules and regulations that will apply to you. I can help you navigate through the complex tax code to ensure that your tax return is accurately prepared and your tax obligation is minimized. Equally important, Ill make this whole process convenient and easy for you, so you can focus on more important things than your tax bill.

If you are an investor, independent contractor or rental property owner, your tax situation can get particularly complicated. Passive activity rules, bonus depreciation, home offices, listed property, etc there is a lot to keep track of and that is where my knowledge of the tax laws will be beneficial to you, saving you both time and money.

Small Businesses Owners

As a small business owner, preparing and paying your taxes can take your attention from the dozens of other tasks required to make your business a success. I can assist you by providing tax preparation and planning services for sole proprietors (Schedule C), partnerships (1065), S corporations (1120S) and C corporations (1120) with an eye toward minimizing your liability and simplifying your life.

Other Accounting and Business Services

Fundamental to managing your business and paying your taxes is an accounting system that accurately records your financial transactions and produces reliable financial statements. If you need help with your current accounting system, or in establishing a new accounting system, I can help. Ill work with you and your staff to identify the problem areas and recommend solutions that will ensure you can maintain accurate books. A solid accounting system is fundamental in making your business a success!

Please feel free to telephone me at 206-362-3484 or email me at if you'd like to discuss utilizing my services.

Mark Iffrig,
Certified Public Accountant